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With our recent update, we've added the ability to update and apply markup codes to multiple items. This is something that has been requested through member feedback and we're happy to bring that functionality to life. Before you can update or apply a markup code to your items, you'll need to make sure the markup code is set to your items. If the markup codes are already set then the next step is to apply them to those items through the markup code settings menu. Follow this article to learn how to set a markup code to an item and how to apply that markup code across multiple items.

Adding a Markup Code to an Item

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Before you can apply markup code updates across multiple items, you'll need to make sure the items have the markup selected. Follow the steps below to learn how to select a markup code on an item.


1. First, click on Items from the left-side menu.

2. Next, search and select the item that you'd like to have this markup code.

3. In the Markup Code dropdown box, choose the desired Markup Code.

4. Finally, scroll down and click the Save option.

Repeat the above steps for any additional items that need to have a markup code selected.

Applying a Markup Code to Multiple Items

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Now that you have your markup codes selected for your items, you can update the rate and apply that across multiple items. Use the steps below to edit a markup code and apply it to your items.


1. First, click on the Settings icon at the top of the screen.

  • Note: Only users with Admin or Manager permissions will be able to edit or view these settings.

2. Next, in the Company section choose Markup Codes.

3. From the list, select the markup code you'd like to update and apply to your items.

4. Next, make any adjustments to the Inventory Pricing Method, Cost Ranges, or Markup % if needed.

5. Now, check the box to Apply Changes to Items once Saved and click the Save button.

6. Finally, a confirmation window will appear. Verify that you are sure you want to update all associated markup code item rates and click Yes.

Your markup code has successfully been updated and applied to the associated items. Repeat these steps for any additional markup code changes you'd like to apply to your items.

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