(FieldEdge Internal Use) Adding the API Key to the ProposalPro Integration


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This article is intended for FieldEdge Internal Use only. The following article will guide you through generating an API Token within BizPro and entering that API Token into the FieldEdge Global Settings.

  • Note: FieldEdge Members should call your Customer Success Manager for information about setting up the ProposalPro Integration.

Step 1: Generate API Token

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Before you can begin setting up ProposalPro in FieldEdge you'll need to generate an API Token from the BizPro website. You'll need to copy that API Token and paste it into a global setting within the FieldEdge database. Follow the steps below to learn how to generate your BizPro API Token.


1. First, log into BizPro with your username and password.

  • Note: Mingledorffs customers will see BizPro labeled as Propose and Close.

2. In the top right corner, click on your Profile and select My Profile.

3. Next, select the API box.

4. In the Generate API Token section, click the Create button that's to the right of the Generic field.

This will generate an API Token that you'll need to copy and paste into FieldEdge settings. Proceed to the FieldEdge Settings section of this article to learn where you'll need to enter this API Token.

Step 2: FieldEdge Global Settings

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Now that you've generated the API Token, all you'll need to do in FieldEdge is to copy the API Token you generated in Step 1, and paste it to the Global Settings of FieldEdge. Follow the steps below to make sure the API Token has been entered properly.


1. Log into FieldEdge and click on Settings, then choose Global Settings from the list.

2. Next, scroll down to the Integrations section, and underneath the Sales option, check the box next to ProposalPro.

3. Using the steps from the Generate API Token section of this article, copy the API Token and paste it into the ProposalPro API Token field.

4. Finally, click Save.

This will activate the integration in your FieldEdge database. You can verify the integration is active by clicking on Settings and choosing Pricing Rules. You'll see a newly added ProposalPro and Import section. It's recommended that you do not change these settings and should leave the Import Method as One Assembly Item. It's also recommended to view the Items listed within the ProposalPro section of Pricing Rules. You'll want to verify the associated accounts are accurate or make any changes if needed.


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