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With the introduction of ProposalPro, sales reps in the field now have quoting technology that allows you to create good, better, best and budget options for your customers. This article will provide a video walkthrough, along with instructions on how to use the ProposalPro integration from the Field.


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Use the following steps to create and sync a quote in the FieldEdge Mobile Application, when using ProposalPro.

1. First, open the associated work order in the FieldEdge Mobile App and change the status to Working.

2. Next, verify the Enable ProposalPro checkbox has been checked. If it has not, click the box to Enable ProposalPro.

3. Now, click the Create Quote or Edit Quote hyperlink to the right of the Enable ProposalPro checkbox.

4. Clicking the hyperlink from the previous step will navigate you to the ProposalPro website. You'll need to log in with your Username and Password.

5. Once logged in, tap on the Template that you would like to propose to your customer.

  • Note: You can make any edits to the template prior to saving.

6. When the template has been verified, tap the desired Save, Print, or Email Proposal button.

  • Note: Any future changes or emails to this proposal will need to be done from the ProposalPro website.

7. When your customer has accepted an option, in the FieldEdge mobile application, you can go to the work order's Quote page and select the Sync Proposal button. This will sync the accepted option from ProposalPro and it will now be visible in FieldEdge.

8. Finally, verify the work order as you normally would and click the Complete Assignments button when you're finished. Repeat these steps for any additional quotes you need to create with ProposalPro.

At this point, the quote has been accepted, the work order is complete, and the proposal is ready to be converted into an invoice and scheduled to a technician for completion, just like you would with a standard FieldEdge quote.

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