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FieldEdge Members that have the ProposalPro integration may find that new employees cannot see the option to use ProposalPro. This is because they lack the correct employee permission. Any non-admin user in FieldEdge will need to have specific permissions enabled to view the option to use ProposalPro. Use the steps in this article to learn how to enable this permission for an employee.

If your integration is already active and you'd like to learn how to use ProposalPro, click on the appropriate link below to get started. These Help Center articles will walk you through creating a quote in FieldEdge when using ProposalPro.

Adding Employee Permissions

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By default, any Admin in FieldEdge will have the permission to use ProposalPro on Calls and Work Orders. Any non-admins will need to have the permission added to their employee profile. Follow the steps below to add the required employee permission.


1. First, log into FieldEdge and click Settings, then choose Employees from the list.

2. Next, select the desired employee.

3. Scroll down to the Accessibility section and click the User tab.

4. In the Workflow Process section, check the box for Enable ProposalPro.

5. Finally, click Update.

6. Repeat the above steps for any additional employees that require the ProposalPro employee permission.

Once an employee has the ProposalPro permission enabled, they'll be able to see the ProposalPro option on Calls and Work Orders. It's recommended that you create a test proposal and verify that the sync is working properly. If you run into any issues, verify that you've followed all steps in this article. If you are still having issues, give us a call and speak with one of our FieldEdge Support Technicians.

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