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Another FieldEdge update is upon us and we have some exciting new features, updates, and fixes headed your way. With this release, we've added a highly requested documents search option, a work order description field, reworked the assign to me functionality on mobile, and more. We hope you love the updates and can't wait to hear your feedback.

Office Updates

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There are some significant changes coming to the office with this release. Some of the biggest additions are the ability to search for documents and the addition of new system account fields. With these requested updates and additional features, we know you'll enjoy this release.

Added a Documents Search Field

Users will see a magnifying glass at the top of the FieldEdge page. Users can click into this field to search for a document number. This should help users save time when searching for particular documents in their database while also seeing a performance boost as lists are refreshed with each filter, sort, and search. 


New Work Order Description Field

With this release, we've separated the Work Order Description notes from the Timeline, as they could sometimes get lost in all the displayed Timeline information. Now you'll be able to see a Work Order Description field above the Timeline section of the work order. Any Task Notes that are associated with a Task will also be displayed in the new Work Order Description field. This should allow users to easily see those notes and even have them customer-facing. If you want these notes to show to your customer or technician when emailed or printed, be sure to add the work order description element to the associated layout template.


Added Work Order Number to Work Summary Notes

To help users easily identify work orders that are linked in a customer's timeline notes, we've added the work order number and a hyperlink to the associated work summary notes. Users can now click on this hyperlink to navigate directly to that work order's detail screen.

Twilio Customer Display Name Changes

When a customer calls a FieldEdge company using the Twilio integration the default display name used was retrieved from White Pages. With this release we're changing the workflow to now have the display name follow what formatting is found in Global Settings.


Added System Account Fields

When posting transactions to QuickBooks Desktop, FieldEdge would use the default QuickBooks account, which is typically the last used account. Members that have more than one of these accounts could have transactions posted to an unintended account. With this release, we've added 3 new system account fields to the Global Settings for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Undeposited Funds. This allows members to choose the proper account and ensure all transactions from FieldEdge are going to the intended account.


Removed Line Between Task Notes and Manual Notes

With this release, we're removing the line that was displayed between the task notes and manual notes entered when creating a work order. This should allow users to have more control over how the information will be displayed in the work order.


Multi-Tasking Styling Updates

We've continued updating the platform for a more conformed user experience. You'll notice that the number that was displayed on the navigation panel has been updated.


Mobile Updates

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We've made some big office updates this release but we haven't forgotten about our FieldEdge Mobile app either. With this release, we've revamped how the assign to me feature functions when assigning a work order to yourself.

New Assign to Me Functionality on Mobile

Mobile users will now see an updated 'Assign to Me' and 'Book for Later' options when creating a work order from the FieldEdge Mobile application. Users can now pick dates and times based on the same availability a user on the web would see. These available slots are based on the current workload for each day using FieldEdge's board and block configurations. 


Additional Updates

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  • We've rearranged some fields in Global Settings. Specifically, fields in the accounting section were not well grouped to identify their purpose.
  • We've updated how our backend search engine functions. Full-text search has been implemented on all item search dropdowns across the invoice, quotes, agreements, and part request features.
  • We've locked down the FieldEdge Admin user. This allows our system to be more secure and ensures that FieldEdge Support will have proper access to systems needed to help solve any member issues.
  • FieldEdge will now prevent invoices that contain items with a missing tax code from posting to QuickBooks. 
  • We've updated how the 12-month sales graph on the dashboard functions. The graph will now use the invoice date as this is easier to understand. When clicked the graph will now navigate to the Invoice Estimated Profitability report. This should help users easily verify the numbers displayed on the graph.
  • Updated the Time Entries by Employee Report to no longer convert the default time of midnight to the user's local time. This could sometimes result in the date showing as a previous day. With this update, it should allow the report to work as intended.
  • We've added a new filter to the Anticipated Upcoming Events Report to tell the difference between an invoice and a task. This should make it easier to tell the difference between an invoice and a task. 
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