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FieldEdge Premier members have the ability to create multi-option quotes. This feature allows a customer to view several options being presented and choose which option is best for them. Sometimes it can be helpful for that customer to see an associated image for these options. Mobile technicians now have the ability to add an image to a quote option right from the field. Use the instructions below to learn how to add an image to a quote option from mobile.

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There are some steps that can be taken before or after an image is added. For example, you can create the entirety of the quote and associated options before adding an image, or you can add an image with each option as they're being added. 

1. First, add at least one option to the multi-option quote and then select the Add Image icon.

2. This will navigate to the edit window. Click the Add Image icon.

3. Next, choose Camera or Photo Gallery. 

  • Note: Choose Camera if you need to take a picture. The image you take will then be used as the image associated with the option. Choosing Photo Gallery will navigate to your mobile device's photos. From there you can select the appropriate image.

4. (Optional): From the edit option window you can give an Option Name and Option Description. These will display to your customer by default.

5. When you have selected the appropriate image, click Save.

You should now see an image when displaying this option. Repeat these steps for any additional images you'd like to add to a quote option.


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