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With the latest update to FieldEdge, we've added a new Bundle item type. Bundle items work in a similar way as assembly items. They're a collection of items that make up a larger singular package or bundle. The difference is that bundle items can be made up of inventory, non-inventory, assembly, discount, and subtotal items. This is a great way to package several items together and offer discounts or just make it easier for you to add multiple items to an invoice or quote.

Creating Bundle Items

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Follow the steps below to learn how to create a bundle item in FieldEdge.


1. First, click Items from the left side menu.

2. Next, select Add Item

3. Now, choose the Bundle item type.

4. Fill out the required information by entering the Name of Bundle.

  • Note: It's recommended to fill out the optional fields as well. Refer to the optional fields section below for more information on each field.

5. Next, click Add Item to search for and select any items that will make up this bundle item. Repeat this step for all items that need to be added to this bundle.

  • Note: Items will need to have already been created before they can be added to a bundle.

6. Finally, verify the information and click Save.

Your bundle item has been created! Now it's ready to be added to an invoice or quote. Repeat these steps for any additional bundle items you may need to create.

Optional Fields

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Along with the required fields, there are a set of optional fields that can be entered to help improve your bundle items. Continue below to learn more about each optional field.

  • Category: Use a category to filter the items list and other reports. Allowing you to easily search for items.
  • Description: The description that your customer will see when added to a quote or invoice.
  • Image: This field allows you to add a stock photo of this item. This photo will show in your mobile pricebook.
  • Add External Links: Choosing this option allows you to enter website URLs. These links can be associated with the item and will show to your employees. This can be a link to warranty information, exploded parts diagram, or any website URL that is relevant to this item.
  • Upgrade Items: Search for items that are suggested upgrades for this item.
  • Recommended Items: Search for items that are considered add-on recommendations for this item.


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