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With our first release of 2022, all users will be able to modify reports by adding filters and columns, changing sort orders and groupings, and even calculating summaries. Members upgraded to FieldEdge Premier will have an easier way of doing this with the ability to save these reports for everyone in the company to use.

Enhanced Reporting

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With enhanced reporting, users can now add, remove, rearrange, and edit columns and filters to reports. This allows you to find and gather the information that is important to you. These reports can even be exported or saved as a new report view with your applied columns and filters.

  • Note: Only FieldEdge Premier members are able to save report views. FieldEdge Premier members will be able to save 10 custom reports per database.


Column Dropdowns

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When you hover over a column header and then click on the three-dot button, you can display the following options:

  • Sort Column - Click the sort button once to sort in ascending order, then click it again to sort in descending order. Click it once more to remove the sort. Sorts can be applied to multiple columns but are always prioritized from left to right.
  • Edit Column Name - Change the name of a column.
  • View Column Summary - Easily summarize the column. Numeric values can be added to get a sum or average, and all types of data can be used to count the number of records. This is not available on the first column in the report and may not appear for certain fields.
  • Group/Ungroup by Column - This option is only available for the first column on the report. Grouping the column keeps all similar items together and adds a subtotal section if any column is summarized.
  • Move Column - Change the column order within the report.
  • Delete Column - Remove the column from the report.


Adding New Columns

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Click the + sign at the top left of the report to add or delete columns.

  • Check the box to add a column to the report. Columns appear in the order they were added.
  • Uncheck a box or click on the tag to remove the column from a report.



Add Filters

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Click the Add Filter button in the top right of the report to add or delete filters.

  • Check the box to add a filter to the report. Filters appear in the order they were added.
  • Uncheck a box or click on the tag to remove the filter from a report.


Using Filters

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Date Filters

  • Choose from preset filters or select a custom one and pick your own range.
  • Custom lets you put in a From and To range. If you leave the To range blank, you'll find everything after the date in the From range.


  • Select the values you want to find and click Apply.
  • Click Clear Section to uncheck all values.

Alphabetical Ranges

  • Enter information in the From field to find records that start with what you typed.
  • Enter information in the From and To field to find all records that start with anything in the range.
  • Include the % sign and a value in the From field to find all records containing that value, regardless of where it appears in the record.
  • Clear both fields to ignore this filter.

Numeric Ranges

  • Enter information in both fields to find all values falling into a range.
  • Set both fields to 0 to clear the search.



More Actions

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Each report has a three-dot button to the right of the report name. When selected you will have a few options available to you.

  • Save As New Customized View - (Premier Members Only) Select this option to save the report you are working on as a new custom view.
  • Save View - This option only appears when working with a previously customized view. Click it to overwrite the view with the current settings.
  • Export All As CSV - This exports all the data and columns on the screen to a format that can be easily imported into other programs or opened in Excel.

Customized views are saved as tabs, just above the filters on a report. If you click the name of a customized report and then select the three-dot button, you will have some options.

  • Edit Custom View Name - Change the name of a report you have previously saved.
  • Delete Custom View - Delete a report you have previously saved. It can be useful when you no longer need the report or have hit your report limit.



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