Release Notes: November 5, 2021


Increased Login Security

Login security has increased to meet the requirements of our accounting integration partners. After 5 unsuccessful login attempts, a user will now be locked out for 30 minutes. Any of your employees with an Admin profile can immediately unlock the account by resetting the employee's password, or simply by resaving the user.

FieldEdge Increased Login2

Timeline Note for Name Changes

When making updates to any name field from your customer list - including First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Display Name, or Job Name - these changes will now show as an activity note on the timeline.

New Quote List Status

Similar to the status changes to the Invoice list in a previous release, the Quote page now has the same status column, too! Easily see the status of all your Quotes at a glance, providing better visibility and easier tracking.

2021-10-04 14 57 29-Quotes

Agreement Invoices No Longer Have Attachments

The ability to add attachments to Agreement Invoices has been removed, leaving only pertinent information visible.

Change to Printing Part Requests

When printing out Part Requests, the character count on the Notes field has been increased. All of your text will now appear on the printed form, just like it does from the web.

Mobile Updates

We're excited to share that the newest version of FieldEdge Mobile is now available to all mobile users! Make sure that technicians have downloaded the newest version of the mobile app, to be able to use the latest features.

 The other major update within this new version of the mobile app is enhanced speed and performance throughout - from tightening up backend processes to implementing more seamless transitions between work order statuses. While some of these changes aren't necessarily visible, we hope your technicians will feel a noticeable difference as they navigate through the app!

Adaptive Offline Mode

This new version of the mobile app brings powerful enhancements including Adaptive Offline Mode, which eliminates the need to manually toggle into Offline Mode. Technicians no longer need to download/upload work orders when entering an area with poor service. On this new version of the mobile app, everything will happen automatically behind the scenes.

Work Order Summary for Mobile

The new “Work Summary” notes field is now available on mobile on the Work Order Details page. Mobile users can add information about what was completed on the work order, which can only be edited by the Primary Tech. If you haven't already, be sure to add the Work Summary to your layout templates from the web, which allows you to share these notes with your customers. The timeline will show who and when made an update, but not what was changed.

Items Update Prompt

When FieldEdge is syncing updates to a mobile device, if more than 50 items need to be updated at once, the mobile user will be prompted and will have the option to abandon the sync.

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