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When installing or servicing equipment it's common practice to recommend a replacement when the life expectancy of that equipment is approaching. Within FieldEdge, default and created equipment types have an associated life expectancy, measured in years, that can help you stay informed and know when to offer the right solution to your customers. 


Click the below handout to download a PDF with a list of default equipment types with associated life expectancies.


How it Works

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By default, FieldEdge has a list of industry-standard equipment types with associated life expectancies. Members can even create additional equipment types. FieldEdge will determine the replacement date of a piece of equipment by adding the life expectancy to the equipment's install date.

  • Note: Users with appropriate permissions can view, activate, inactive, or create equipment types by going to Equipment Types found in the Settings menu.


Creating New Equipment Types

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Users with appropriate permissions can follow the steps below to create new equipment types.


1. First, click on Settings.

2. Next, under the Equipment section choose Equipment Types.

3. From the equipment list, click Add Equipment Type.

4. In the new window, add an Equipment Type Name, Life Expectancy, and choose an Industry.

  • Note: LIfe Expectancy is measured in years.

5. Finally, click Save to add the equipment type to your FieldEdge database.

You can repeat the above steps for any additional equipment types you want to create. Once saved, the equipment type will be available for use with customers and work orders, and the replacement date will be calculated from the life expectancy entered when the equipment type was created. 

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