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Over the years we have made several fantastic enhancements to the FieldEdge Mobile App and we're continuing these enhancements with a huge mobile stability performance overhaul. With this overhaul, we're introducing a new feature called Adaptive Offline Mode. This new offline mode will help improve performance and stability for technicians when they're in an area with poor or no internet connectivity. 


The above image shows a side-by-side comparison of the FieldEdge Mobile application after the stability improvements (left) vs the previous version of the mobile application (right).

What is Adaptive Offline Mode?

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Adaptive Offline Mode is a smarter, more reliable addition to the FieldEdge Mobile application. The way the mobile application sends and receives information from the cloud has been upgraded. This means that a technician no longer has to manually switch the app into Offline mode, or be forced into downloading an entire day's worth of work before you go into a dead cellular zone.

How does it Work?

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When your mobile device detects there is no signal, you will automatically be switched to offline mode and the app will prompt you with a message explaining that the server could not be reached, but you can continue working and data will be uploaded back to the server once connections have been re-established.


What are the Limitations?

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FieldEdge is a cloud-based application and as such, internet connectivity is required for certain activities. Adaptive Offline Mode will provide the user with a path forward without completely blocking the user. Technicians can still perform most tasks needed for a work order, and that information will be uploaded back to the server once the connection has been re-established. Refer to the fields below to learn more about what a technician can or cannot do during offline mode.

  • When a technician changes the status of a work order to "Working" and there is no connection during this change, the status will change on the mobile device but not in the office. As with our previous offline mode, the technician will not be able to perform the following tasks:
    • Create or edit an invoice.
    • Create or edit a quote.
    • Complete a work order.
    • Take a payment.
    • Re-assign a work order.
    • Add a part request or expense.




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