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Our Product Experts are specialized in training you on the ins-and-outs of all things FieldEdge. We know your business is unique, and we're up for the challenge of helping you maximize your efficiency with the software. FieldEdge offers a number of training options, all designed to help save you time from the office and field, increase your profitability and accomplish tasks faster.


Virtual Regional Training

FieldEdge is excited to host Virtual Regional Training sessions! Over the span of three days, there will be two sessions per day. For your convenience, the same topics will be covered in each session so choose the time slot that works best for you (or both if you're really up for some extra FieldEdge knowledge!) and dive in deep with our Product Experts. Learn best practices for becoming more efficient in your dispatching, putting time back in your day by letting FieldEdge do the heavy lifting, keeping track of your estimated profitability, and helping your technicians be more efficient.

  • Dates: Wednesday, May 18th - Friday, May 20th
  • Time: 9AM-12PM EST and 1PM-4PM EST (feel free to attend one session or both!)
  • Price: $699/company

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FieldEdge Deep Dive

This is a brand new, one-day training on more advanced topics not covered in our semi-annual regional training! If you're a more advanced FieldEdge user, this Deep Dive is for you. Courses include QuickBooks 201, Inventory in FieldEdge and in QuickBooks, Phone Integration, Business Units, Agreements & Reserves, Payroll, and more.

  • Date: Future dates coming soon!
  • Time: 
  • Price: $499/company

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Onsite Training

Partner with a FieldEdge Product Expert to deep dive into your unique workflows in a 1:1 setting. We'll build a personalized agenda together beforehand, and tailor the training just for you - whether you need help to streamline processes, implement features or train your team.

  • Dates: Flexible
  • Price: Varies based on the package selected. Talk to your CSM for more info!

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