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The following article will help you inactivate an employee in FieldEdge and will help troubleshoot scenarios where you might still see an employee as active in your FieldEdge Active Employee list.

  • Important:
    • The following instruction must be completed in the order they are described. Proceeding in any other order will result in not fully inactivating an employee.
    • Inactivating an employee will not remove their license from your account. If you need to remove the license, please contact your customer success manager at FieldEdge.


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There are two sets of instructions for this procedure. The first part is done in FieldEdge, the second is done in QuickBooks. In order to fully inactivate an employee, you must follow both sets of instructions.

In FieldEdge

  1. First, make sure all work order's the employee may have been assigned are either Completed or Finalized.
    • Note: Any other Status counts as active and therefore this employee will not inactivate properly.
  2. Make sure that the employee's Profile within FieldEdge is set to Technician.
    • Note: If this user is assigned to the dispatch board,  you can remove them by changing the Assign to Dispatch Group to Select Group and change the Default Dispatch Board to Select Default Group.
    • Note: The Technician profile does not grant desktop access to FieldEdge.
  3. Next, make sure that the user's Mobile Access is set to None.
    • Note: This action removes a mobile license from the technician.
  4. Once all three previous steps have been completed, you may then mark the user as Inactive in FieldEdge.

In QuickBooks

The following instructions are provided by QuickBooks. You may read the article associated with this process if you have further questions or would like to reach out to QuickBooks for further information related to the QuickBooks side of this procedure.

  1. Go to Workers or Payroll, then select Employees.
  2. Under Action, select the drop-down beside Edit.
  3. Select Make Inactive.
  • Note: If you are using QuickBooks Online, make sure you uncheck Show in non-payroll lists, found under their employee settings.


I see an employee in the Active Employee list in FieldEdge, but they should be inactive...

In the event that an employee is inactive in QuickBooks and in FieldEdge, but you can still see them on the "Active Employee" list in FieldEdge, it means one or more of the steps above was done out of order.

To resolve this, you will need to make the employee active in both FieldEdge and QuickBooks, then you will need to proceed through the instructions above in the explained order.

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