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With our September release, we've added a new field to work orders known as the Work Summary. This new notes section allows an employee to enter information in regards to the summary of the work provided to a customer. The Work Summary will make it easier to keep track of that important information. This article will go over the Work Summary along with the steps to add it to your layout templates.


Layout Template Setup

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One option you have is to show the Work Summary to your customers. To do this you'll need to add it to your Layout Templates. You only need to update the templates that you want to have the Work Summary be viewable to the customer. Follow the instructions below to learn how to add the Work Summary to a template.

  • Note: Only a user with admin or manager permissions can update the layout template settings.



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  1. In FieldEdge, click on the Settings icon.
  2. Within the Company section, choose Layout Templates.
  3. Select the Layout you want to update with the Work Summary.
  4. You'll need to have a Work Order Info section added to the template. In the Sections area, drag the Work Order Info section to the desired position on the template.
  5. Next, click Work Order Info from the left Sections area. This will show a new Layout Elements section.
  6. In the Layout Elements section, drag Work Summary into the Work Order Info section of your template.
    • Note: It is recommended that you place the Work Summary at the bottom of the Work Order Info section and extend the size of its box. See the picture above for reference.
  7. Finally, click Save.

Your template is ready to go and your customer will now see the Work Summary when they are sent the associated template. You can repeat these steps for any additional templates that need to add the Work Summary.

Work Summary

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If you need to add or edit a Work Summary note, simply open the associated work order, and under the Overview micro-dashboard, you'll see the newly added Work Summary section. 


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