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Mobile users have their own set of permissions that are separate from office users. These permissions can be edited by either an administrator or a manager from the office. Permissions will become available or unavailable depending on the user's full or basic mobile access. This article will teach you how to access and edit an employee's mobile permissions. 

  • Note: These permissions can only be edited by an Admin or Manager. Office users may also have mobile access. This is a separate license from the standard office license.
  • Important:
    • The following instructions must be completed in the order they are described. Proceeding in any other order will result in not fully inactivating an employee.
    • Inactivating an employee will not remove their license from your account. If you need to remove the license, please contact your customer success manager at FieldEdge. You can also complete a license request change here, which will notify our team about your license change.


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The following steps will help guide you to the employee list, where you can manage and modify your employee's mobile permissions. 

1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings, and then in the People section choose Employees.

2. Next, from the Employees list, search for and select the Employee you wish to modify.

3. In the Accessibility section, choose the User tab.

4. Finally, once you are ready to save the changes to the Employee, click Update.


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The Mobile section will display a list of unique employee permissions, designed to access certain features on the FieldEdge Mobile application. Use the section below to learn more about each mobile permission.


  • Mobile Supervisor Access
    • Checking this box enables a user to see and use the 'Mobile Supervisor' feature on the FieldEdge Mobile application. This permission allows a mobile employee the ability to create, assign, and view work orders.
  • Enable Price Book Outside of Work Orders
    • Checking this option will allow your employee the ability to see your items list, as well as pricing, outside of a work order. This can be useful for allowing an employee the option of quickly looking up the price of an item or service without having to have an open work order.
  • Enable Changing Item Tax Code
    • This permission allows an employee the ability to edit the tax code of an item on their work orders.
  • Mobile Access
    This selection allows you to choose the level of access available for an employee when they use the FieldEdge Mobile Application.
    • Full Access: This gives the employee full access to their assigned work orders from the FieldEdge Mobile application. These users can change work order status, add timeline notes, attachments, and create quotes and invoices. Users will be able to clock in and out of their timesheets, create a purchase order and expense request, and complete work orders.
    • Basic Access: This access has limited options on the FieldEdge Mobile application. Users can clock in and out of their timesheets, view their work orders, adjust the status of their work orders, and complete a work order.
    • No Access: This user cannot access the FieldEdge Mobile application.
  • Enable Work Order Creation
    This section allows an employee Full, View Only, or No Access to creating work orders from the mobile application.
    • No Access
      • The employee is only able to view and manage their assigned work orders.
    • View Only
        • The employee may view the customer list, but is not able to create work orders.
    • Full Access
      • The employee may create work orders for themselves or for someone in the office to assign to a technician. This is a helpful feature for companies that have on-call or after-hours employees.
  • Quote Margin Access
    This permission controls what profitability information is displayed when viewing quotes.
    • Note: This is only available to an office employee and does not affect the FieldEdge Mobile application.
  • Item Warehouse Changes
    This set of permissions determines if a mobile employee can designate what warehouse an inventory item is being sold from.
    • Note: This is only available to FieldEdge users that track inventory quantities and may require a specific tier of their accounting package.
  • Review Work Order on Completion
    • If selected; when a mobile employee changes a work order status to complete, it will display in the office as completed, but will not be finalized in their accounting package. This allows an office user to review, make edits, and then finalize the invoice. If left unchecked; the mobile work order will automatically be finalized and post to your accounting package when the work order status is changed to completed from the mobile application.
      • Note: It is recommended to check this box and review all work orders before posting them to your accounting package.
  • Display Customer Contact Information
    • Checking this box will allow an employee the ability to see a customer’s contact information from the mobile application.
  • Number of Work Orders on Mobile
    • This allows you to set the number of work orders that an employee can view from the FieldEdge Mobile application. For example, if this number was set to '3,' then the employee would only see three work orders, starting with the oldest open work order, assigned to that employee.
      • Note: This number can be unique for each employee and can be changed at any time.
  • Price Edit on Mobile
    This set of permissions will determine if an employee can override the price of specified items
    • No Edits Allowed
      • The employee may not override the price of any item on the mobile application.
    • Selected Only
      • The employee may only override the price of items that have the Allow Price Edit on Mobile option enabled.
    • Edit All
      • The employee may override prices on all non-flat rate items while on the mobile application.
  • Profitability Access
    This permission controls what profitability information is displayed when viewing invoices.
    • Note: This is only available to an office employee and does not affect the FieldEdge Mobile application.
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