Release Notes: June 18, 2021


Side Panel (New Feature)

We've updated the dispatch board to make it easier for you to access and view details on a work order, while simultaneously referencing other assignments. Instead of a pop-up window that would block visibility, you'll now see a new Side Panel when clicking on a work order. This new side panel will have some newly added functionality, like the ability to open the customer page in a new tab when you select the Go to Customer link. 

Click here to watch a recording of our recent webinar on the new Side Panel feature.


Agreements for Equipment

There's a new way to calculate agreement discounts in FieldEdge. If you service multiple pieces of equipment for a customer and want to provide discounts on some pieces of equipment but not others - this one's for you! You can now associate equipment to an agreement and the agreement’s plan discount, allowing you more control over what gets discounted. This new style of agreements may not be right for everyone, so reach out to your CSM if you'd like to learn more.


Mobile Updates

All mobile updates are expected to be released the week of June 21st. Watch out for our update in the app store to ensure you receive these improvements.

If you ever encounter any mobile issues, please reach out to our Support team so we can help you with a resolution as quickly as possible.

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