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We've updated the dispatch board to make it easier for you to access and view details on a work order, while simultaneously referencing other assignments. Instead of a pop-up window that would block visibility, you'll now see a new Side Panel when clicking on a work order. This new side panel will have some newly added functionality, like the ability to open the customer page in a new tab when you select the Go to Customer link. 

Click here to watch a recording of our recent webinar on the new Side Panel feature.


Side Panel

The Side Panel is a new section of the dispatch board that will display when you click on a work order. This has replaced the work order pop-up and gives even more functionality. Within the Side Panel, you'll find information about this work order and its associated customer through individual Cards. 



Individual Cards can be found in the Side Panel when clicking on a work order from the dispatch board. Each of these Cards will give information about the work order such as the customer and work order information, invoice or quote summaries, and even work order reminders. When looking at a Card you may see an arrow in the top right corner. Clicking this arrow will open that specific card, giving you a more detailed breakdown of the Card's information. Some Cards may also have hyperlinks, allowing you to click into them to navigate to new windows, like going into the work order itself or entering into the customer's edit page. You can even find hyperlinks to work order actions like filtering assignments or adding timeline notes to the work order. 

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  • I really like this new feature. I find it very helpful when talking with the customer and being able to look at the dispatch board at the same time! Thanks for this great update! Downside to it, you can not copy and past information from the customer card if you are using chrome (Ex: emails, phone numbers), we had to switch over to firefox in order to use the copy, paste command. Maybe that is something that can be worked on

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