How to add starter courses to a new user in FieldEdge Academy




After a new user has been added to FieldEdge Academy, they will need to be assigned starter courses to begin their learning path. FieldEdge Academy offers three paths depending on a user's needs.

If you need help on how to add a user to FieldEdge Academy, you can find that article here.

  • Product Training: Office
    • This should be assigned to users who frequent their time in the office and will not be using the FieldEdge mobile application
  • Product Training: Mobile
    • This should be assigned to users who will use the FieldEdge mobile application
  • Product Training: Office and Mobile
    • This comprehensive program includes all courses related to office and mobile. There are a lot of courses in this program therefore it is encouraged to only assign this program to users who absolutely need to learn every aspect of FieldEdge


1. In FieldEdge Academy, to the left of your profile picture in the top-right, click the launcher button.


2. From the drop-down, click the Programs button.


3. From the list of programs, decide which program the user should be enrolled in and then click the Users button for that program.

  • Note: You may only enroll users in the most current programs which are labeled as "FE PRODUCT TRAINING."


4. Next, from the list of users, click the Allocate users button in the top-right.


5. From this screen you can click the Select users drop-down box and then select each user you wish to add to the program or type their name into the search field.


6. Once you have added your users, click the Save changes button to finish enrolling your users into their starter courses.


7. Users that have been enrolled in a program will find their courses on their Dashboard by clicking the Learning tab. From there, the user can click the Start button to automatically start their first course in the program.




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