Release Notes: March 26, 2021


DocuSign Integration with FieldEdge Payments

You can now send quotes from the office and request a digital signature without ever dispatching a technician onsite. Once the acceptance signature is captured, you'll be notified so you can schedule the work order as soon as possible.

What's needed to begin using DocuSign?

  1. The DocuSign integration can only be used with FieldEdge Payments, as your customers will be taken to the consumer portal to review and accept their quotes. If you're not signed up with FieldEge Payments yet, click here to get started. Please note, the DocuSign integration is also only available to members in the US at this time.
  2. Turn on the integration under your Global Settings by selecting the checkbox for DocuSign under the Legal section.
  3. You'll also need to set up your Communication Templates. Be sure to add the [web_quote_link] insert code in the body of your “Quote Only” template and the [web_invoice_link] insert code for your “Invoice/Quote” template.

You can find more information on how to use DocuSign Integration by going to FieldEdge Academy. We also hosted a DocuSign webinar that is available for you to watch the recording here!

Expanding the Dispatch Board

In this release, a tech's row on the dispatch board will expand in both the Shift View and Full Day View as more assignments are added. The tile will also always show the customer name, helping to prevent dispatches from getting overlooked or being missed accidentally.

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 11.43.28 AM

Copy Custom Forms

For the times when you need multiple versions of a custom form and don't want to build it from scratch, a new "Copy" button is now available. This new button allows you to easily duplicate an existing form which you can adjust from there.

Opt in to Call Recordings

It's now easier for you to know your calls are recorded when you want them to be. Within the Phone Setup setting, you are able to choose a default recording preference for customers.

Agreement Invoice Update

After one of our recent updates, we realized that Agreement Plans that are set to create an agreement invoice prior to payment were not defaulting to use the Agreement Invoice Layout Template. We've adjusted the setting so the Agreement Invoice Layout Template is selected by default for any areas where agreements can be printed or emailed.

Agreement Payment Method Report Update

If you're using our Standard Reporting feature, you'll notice a filter change on the Agreement Payment Method report to clarify what information is being filtered. This report shows the expiration dates of payment methods associated with agreements. We changed the filter name to "Expired" to have a more accurate representation of the data being reported.

Updates to My Reports (Premier Feature Enhancement)

With FieldEdge Premier, each user can view up to six custom reports within the My Reports list. When a seventh report is saved, the oldest modified report is removed from the list, but it wasn't easy to distinguish which report had the oldest modifications. With this update, you can now easily see both the Created Date and Modified Date for each report, and even sort the list by the Modified Date in descending order. Now you'll be able to easily tell which report will be removed by simply looking at the list.

Mobile Updates

All mobile updates for this release are expected to be available the week of March 29th, 2021. Watch out for our update in the app store to ensure you receive these improvements.

If you ever encounter any mobile issues, please reach out to our Support team so we can help you with a resolution as quickly as possible.

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