Performance Pay FAQ


The following article contains common, frequently asked, questions related to Performance Pay. Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here? Feel free to reach out to your FieldEdge support representative to get answers today!

  • Is this available to me now for free?
    • If you are part of FieldEdge Premier, yes! If not, talk to a CSM about upgrading to Premier.
  • Does this work retroactively? For example, if I create an Invoice and then go back and add a SPIFF to the Item?
    • No, the Performance Pay information is pulled from the item and at the time it is added to the invoice. This allows members to make changes (monthly, yearly) to their items that will not change the reporting.
  • Where is the employee Commission Rate set up?
    • It is not set within FieldEdge. This allows for more flexibility to accommodate the many different Commission Structures companies use.
  • Can I pay 100% to multiple people on one invoice?
    • No, the allocations must add up to exactly 100%. This mitigates the chance of "double-dipping" and will work within the rest of our reports.
  • Does Performance Pay impact my profitability?
    • No. We are only gathering if it is commissionable or not, we do not know what is being paid out.
  • What happens if one of my salesmen leaves that was getting residuals on agreements?
    • The information will still be tracked and available on the report. You would just not pay that out. If they are set up on an agreement, it will continue to track until you remove that employee.
  • I am a Premier member, but I do not see this information.
    • This feature is permission-setting based. If you are a Manager, CSR, or Dispatcher, you will need to have an Admin go into your Employee User Settings to enable.
  • Can you add a SPIFF or commission to an assembly item (not flat rate)?
    • No. The information from the components (inventory and non-inventory) will carry up to the assembly.
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