Release Notes: July 17, 2020


Assigning Reminders to Other Users (Premier Feature)

Office users will now have the ability to create and assign work order reminders to other office or mobile users within the organization. Recipients of the reminders will be alerted the same as if they assigned a reminder to themselves. 

Mobile Reminders Update (Premier Feature)

When a mobile user has their "Display Customer Contact Information" setting disabled, the user will no longer see the customer contact info within the reminder on their mobile device.

Advanced Dispatched Filters Update (Premier Feature)

Now on the Dispatch Board, when you want to filter work orders by Date, you can indicate what date to filter by, either the Promised Appointment Date or the work order Creation Date. 

Updates to Customer Agreement Screen

We're continuing to update our user interface one area at a time. We've updated the customer's agreement page and added new designs for the "Add Item" popup. Similar to the other design updates we've recently done, these do not affect the functionality. 

Mobile Updates

Updates to the mobile application will provide enhancements and bug fixes. Refer to your mobile devices app store to ensure you have the most recent version of the mobile application. If you ever encounter any mobile issues, please reach out to our Support team so we can help you with a resolution as quickly as possible.

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