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Using Skills will make sure that you have the right technician to perform your Work Orders. FieldEdge allows you to associate Skills to your Employees and then apply those Skills to your Tasks. This will let you know what Skill is needed in order for an Employee to take on a specific Work Order.

To create or edit your Skills, click on Settings from the top menu, then select Skills in the People section.


Next, to begin the process of entering a new Skill, click Add Skill in the upper right. Alternatively, you can modify an existing Skill by selecting one from the Skills list. When finished creating a new Skill or modifying an existing Skill, click Save.


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The following steps will help guide you to your Skills list, where you will then be able to create or modify your Skills. Check the Fields section below if you are looking for details related to a feature or option about Skills.

1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the People section choose Skills.

2. Next, from the Skills list, decide if you wish to modify an existing Skill or add a new Skill.

  • To modify an existing Skill, search for and select the Skill from the list.
  • To add a new Skill, in the top right of the Skills list click the Add Skill button.

3. From the New Skill or Edit Skill screen, navigate through the different fields, creating or modifying your Skill.

4. When you have finished creating or modifying your Skill, click Create (or Save, if you are modifying).


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Provide a way to identify the Skill, this will be visible in the office. We recommend to apply an abbreviation to your Skills if you work in multiple industries.

  • Note: The character limit for your Skills name is 50 characters.

This checkbox determines if the Skill will show up as a possible option when choosing a Skill for a Work Order. Marking this Active or not will not impact previously created Work Orders.

Will update or create your Skill, making it available for use in FieldEdge.

This button will allow you to leave this screen without saving any changes that may have been made.


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It is recommended to keep your Skills easy and generic. Below are some examples of industry specific Skills.

  • Examples of HVAC Skills
    • HVAC Service
    • HVAC Maintenance
    • HVAC Install
    • Sales
  • Examples of Plumbing Skills
    • PL-Excavation
    • PL-Gas Service
    • PL-Install
    • PL-Plumbing Service
    • PL-Sales
    • PL-Service
    • PL-Sewer
    • PL-Well Service
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