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The following settings are used when integrated with FieldEdge Caller ID. This information will allow FieldEdge to forward calls from multiple lead sources to a centralized office phone number.



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Use the following steps to guide you to Phone Setup, where you will be able to enter or modify a forwarding phone number for FieldEdge Caller ID.

1. First, in the top right corner, click Settings and then in the Work Orders section choose Phone Setup.

2. Next, navigate through the different fields, configuring your Phone Setup.

3. Finally, once you are ready to save the changes to Phone Setup, click Update.


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Phone System Setup

This section will allow you to enter a forwarding information, along with how FieldEdge will utilize your phone system and recordings.

Use Legacy Phone System

Check this option to use Legacy Phone Sytems. This is the recommended setting when using FieldEdge phone integration. If unchecked, FieldEdge will require employees in the office to accept calls and the incoming call will then forward to a direct line.

  • Note: Your existing phone system will need to be compatible to use non-legacy phone systems. It's recommended to speak to a FieldEdge Agent before choosing this option. 

Opt-out from Call Recordings

Check this box to disable newly created customers from having their calls recorded by default. This is a setting per customer and can be changed manually if needed.

Forwarding Phone Number

This is a required field when using FieldEdge phone integration. Enter the phone number that all incoming calls will forward to. This should be a separate office number that customers do not have direct access to call.

Keep Recordings For

Choose how long FieldEdge will store your call recordings. You have the options of 15, 30, 60, or 90 days.

Fallback Phone Number

In the event of a system outage, all calls will be re-directed to the fallback phone number. This should be an independent number to maintain communication continuity with your customers.


Click Cancel to disregard any changes you've made to these settings.


Click Save to update your Phone Setup settings.

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