Where to view a Customers AR balances from QuickBooks


We want to make sure you have the most complete and accurate accounting information available so that you know how much a customer owes and when you've been paid, regardless of whether you've taken the payment in FieldEdge or QuickBooks. Building on FieldEdge's capability as the most advanced accounting integration available, FieldEdge now displays the exact customer accounts receivable balance from QuickBooks.


On a Customer's micro dashboard, the Invoice tab references the current Accounts Receivable balance.

Selecting the Invoice tab will provide a breakdown of each Invoice.

Important Note: Source of an Invoice, will be FieldEdge or Acct. System.

  • The FieldEdge reference indicates an Invoice created through FieldEdge.
  • The Acct. System reference indicates an Invoice created outside of FieldEdge.

Adjusting, viewing, and making a payment on a Acct. System Invoice will be done through your accounting system and not FieldEdge.


On the Call screen, the Additional Information's Payment Status displays current and overdue balances. 

  • Open balances will be displayed in green.
  • Overdue balances will be displayed, in red, in parenthesis to the right of the Open Balance.


On the Payments tab of the Work Order screen, Payments and Credits, not taken directly through FieldEdge, will be represented as a single line item.

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