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The Weekly Schedule can be used to view and edit an employee's schedule on the fly, or to mark a technician as the On Call technician.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the People section choose Weekly Schedule.

2. Next, review your employee's schedules. If you need to make changes, click on the desired employee.

3. Now, enter a new work schedule for this employee, or check the box to mark them as the On Call technician.

4. When you have finished editing your Weekly Schedule, click Save to update FieldEdge with your changes.


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General Fields

  • Calendar
    Click the Calendar icon, or arrows, to navigate the weekly view.


  • Weekly Schedule
    Enter the start and end time for this employee's workday. 
  • On Call
    Check this box to mark this employee as the On Call technician. This will display on the Dispatch Board.
  • Cancel
    Click this button if you would like to go to the previous screen without recording any of the changes you may have made on this screen.
  • Save
    Click this button to update Fieldedge with the changes you may have made on this screen.


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