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Use the Tax Group settings to review your created Tax Groups. You can edit how FieldEdge will calculate Tax Groups on your work orders. This allows you to set a Tax Group as a standard Sales Tax or a Profit-based/Use Tax.

  • Note: New Tax Groups are created in QuickBooks and are synced to FieldEdge.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge click Settings and in the Company section choose Tax Groups.

2. Next, verify your Tax Groups and if needed, select the Checkbox next to your Tax Groups and click Edit.

3. Now, choose the Tax Type. If using Profit-based/Use Tax, decide if you want to include labor costs and then select a Tax Exempt Group.

4. When you have finished editing your Tax Groups, click Save to update FieldEdge with your changes.


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General Fields

  • Select Box
    Check this box to select the associated Tax Group. Choose Edit to make any changes to the selected groups.
  • Name
    Lists the display name of the Tax Group.
  • Description
    Displays if this Tax Group is a standard Sales Tax or a Profit-based/Use Tax.
  • Include Labor Cost
    If this is a Profit-based/Use Tax, this column will display if the associated Tax Group is including Labor Cost for tax calculations.


  • Include Inactive
    Click this option to display inactive Tax Groups on this list.
  • All
    This is the default filter for FieldEdge. This will display all active Tax Groups on this list.
  • Sales Tax
    This filter will display only the standard Sales Tax groups.
  • Use Tax
    This filter will display only the Profit-based/Use Tax groups.

Edit Tax Groups

  • Tax Type
    Choose to set this Tax Group as a Sales Tax or Profit-based/Use Tax.
  • Additional Settings
    When using Profit-based/Use Tax you will have the option to check to include labor cost in Use Tax calculation.
  • Tax Exempt Group
    When using Profit-based/Use Tax, use the drop-down box to select your Exempt Tax Group.
  • Cancel
    Click this button if you would like to go to the previous screen without recording any of the changes you may have made on this screen.
  • Save
    Click this button to update FieldEdge with the changes you may have made on this screen.


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