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Markup Settings will allow FieldEdge to calculate the sales price of your items based on a markup percentage from the cost of the item. FieldEdge allows you to create multiple markup codes and assign one of those markup codes to your items.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the Company section choose Markup Settings.

2. Next, select an existing markup code or click Add Markup to start creating a new markup code.

3. Now, give this markup code a Name. This name cannot be longer than 60 characters.

4. Then, select to Calculate Inventory Prices Based on either Average Cost or manually entered Cost.

5. Next, in the Cost Range section enter a From and To cost amount.

6. Now, enter a Markup % to be applied to this Cost Range.

  • Note: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for any additional Cost Ranges you may need to create, up to a maximum of 8 Cost Ranges.

 7. When you have finished configuring your Markup Settings, click Save to update FieldEdge with your changes. You'll now see this markup code available when configuring your items.


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The following Markup fields will be used to display and calculate your markup code.


Check this box to make the markup code active. Unchecking this box will make the markup code inactive and no longer able to be used on items going forward.


Give your markup code a display name. This is a required field with a character limit of 60 characters long.

Calculate Inventory Prices Based on

Select to have FieldEdge calculate your markup % based on the items Average Cost or manually entered Cost. Average Cost is automatically adjusted as you purchase and receive items in QuickBooks, whereas Cost is a flat amount that is manually entered in FieldEdge.

Cost Range

The following Cost Range fields will be used to determine the calculations needed for FieldEdge to produce a sales price.

For example, you may enter $1 into the  From field and $20 into the To field. Then, apply a 200% markup in the Markup % field. This will multiply an item's cost within the $1 to $20 range by 200% to give you a final sales price.


Choose a starting From cost amount that will be used to calculate the Markup % of this Cost Range. 


Enter the final To cost amount that will be used to calculate the Markup % of this Cost Range.

Markup %

The percentage entered in this field will be used to multiply against the cost of the item in the Cost Range, to give a final sales price.


Click this button if you would like to go to the previous screen without recording any of the changes you may have made on this screen.


Click this button to update FieldEdge with the changes you have made on this screen.

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