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While working in FieldEdge you'll become familiar with work order resolution codes. These codes will prompt via a pop-up window when you complete a work order. Resolution codes will allow you to filter lists as well as report on certain employee KPI financials. This article will go over how resolution codes will populate and what they are typically used for.


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Use the following steps to prompt a resolution code. Refer to the Resolutions section of this article for definitions of each code.

  • Note: Resolutions will only display when the proper events are triggered. Refer to the Resolutions section to learn how each resolution will be triggered.

FieldEdge Web

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1. First, navigate to the desired work order through the work order list or the customer screen.

2. Verify the work order information, making any modifications if needed.

3. When the work order is finished, click Save.

4. From the new popup window choose Complete.

5. A new drop-down box will appear. Choose the appropriate Resolution and click Confirm.

The work order is now complete and has the associated resolution. Repeat these steps for any additional work orders that need to be completed.

FieldEdge Mobile

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1. Log into the FieldEdge mobile application and navigate to the desired open work order.

2. Enter any required information on the work order.

3. When you're ready to finish the work order navigate to the Complete screen.

4. Choose Complete and a new window will appear. Select the appropriate Resolution.

This will complete the work order and associate the selected resolution code. Repeat these steps for any additional work orders that need to be completed.


Work Performed

This resolution code is the standard resolution for most work orders. This states the work order has been completed and the assigned task was performed. This resolution will appear when a line item is added to either the quote or invoice of the work order and the invoice total is greater than $0.00. This resolution will impact employee KPI reports.

Bill from Office

This resolution will appear when a work order is completed and the customer is marked as a Bill from Office customer. This means there will be no prices shown or invoice sent to the customer, from the field. A work order authorization can be sent to the customer for reference. An office user will need to send the invoice to the customer.

No Show

If a customer does is not available when a technician arrives, choose this option when completing a work order. This will not impact financial KPI reporting and can be tracked via the work order list. This resolution will display as an option if there are no invoice or quote items. 

Maintenance Only

Use this resolution when scheduling a work order for an agreement maintenance service. This resolution will only be available for work orders that have been scheduled from an agreement.

Diagnostic Only

There are times a technician will complete a work order but did not perform the service or repair. In most situations, there is a service or diagnostics fee for this visit. In FieldEdge you can choose the diagnostic only resolution when completing these types of work orders. This resolution will impact employee KPI reports. This resolution will appear as an option when there is a single Diagnostic Fee item or if there are no items on the invoice. 


There are times when you want to mark a work order as a warranty service. This resolution will appear when invoice line items are added to a non-agreement work order and the diagnostic fee item is not added to the invoice.


If parts need to be ordered to complete a work order, you will have the option to set the resolution to Backordered. This resolution will display when the work order is completed with an added Part Request on the work order.


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