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Priority flags are a great way to help you keep track of your Work Orders when viewing them on your Dispatch Board. Priorities can display colored flags on the Dispatch Board to indicate useful information such as Work Orders marked as Maintenance, Replacement Opportunity, High Priority, etc. These Priorities are searchable in the office and will display as a colored line on the mobile application's Work Order list. You can view, manage, and add Dispatch Priorities through the Dispatch Priority list found in your Settings.




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The following steps will help guide you to your Dispatch Priority list, where you will then be able to create or modify your priorities. Check the Fields section below if you are looking for details related to a feature or option about Dispatch Priority.

1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the Work Orders section choose Dispatch Priority.

2. Next, from the Dispatch Priority list, decide if you wish to modify an existing priority or add a new priority.

  • To modify an existing Dispatch Priority, search and select the priority from the list.
  • To add a new Dispatch Priority, in the top right of the Dispatch Priority list click the Add Dispatch Priority button.

3. From the New Dispatch Priority or Edit Dispatch Priority screen, navigate through the different fields, creating or modifying your priority.

4. When you have finished creating or modifying your Dispatch Priority, in the top right click Create (or Save, if you are modifying).


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This checkbox determines if the Dispatch Priority will show up as a possible option when choosing a Skill for a Work Order. Marking this Active or not will not impact previously created Work Orders.

Add Dispatch Priority
While on the Dispatch Priority list, choose this button to begin adding a new Dispatch Priority to FieldEdge.

This button will allow you to leave this screen without saving any changes that may have been made.

Choose a way to visually identify the Dispatch Priority by selecting a specific color. This color will be visible on the Dispatch Board and on the mobile application's Work Order list.

Click this button when you have finished adding the new Dispatch Priority and are ready to save it for use later.

Provide a way to identify the Dispatch Priority. This will be shown in reporting and will be searchable by this name on the Dispatch Board.

      • Note: The character limit for your Skills name is 60 characters.

Select this button when modifying an existing Priority, to save any changes you may have made.

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