How to handle recurring payments for agreements with FieldEdge Payments


Recurring Payments for Agreements

When an Agreement has been configured with the Bill from office option, users may setup recurring payments. This is done by associating a method of payment with the Customer's Agreement. The following information will provide an understanding of how to add and issue these recurring payments.

Adding a recurring payment method in FieldEdge

Recurring payments can be setup for Customer's by navigating to their Agreement and then adding a credit card payment method. This information is stored as a token, as FieldEdge does not retain sensitive financial data associated with payment options.

1. In FieldEdge, click the Agreements list on the left menu.


2. Next, from the Agreements list, search for a customer's Agreement that requires a recurring payment method.

3. Once you have located the customer, select the blue hyperlink associated with the Agreement number.


4. Each available Invoice will be listed as a line entry within the Billing Schedule. Choose the Send Invoice button associated to one of these Items.


5. Select the Add Credit Card Payment option from the drop down menu.


6. From the Add Credit Card Payment screen, click into the Select a Method field and then choose the method of payment you wish to utilize and then click Continue.

Note: Methods of payment are listed based on the payment types that have been added to QuickBooks. If you do not see a particular payment type, you can add these through QuickBooks.


7. On the following screen, you will first provide the information associated with the credit card.


8. Next, enter the Billing Address information associated to the credit card.


9. When finished providing the credit card information, click the Save Card button.


10. Choose Update in the top right to save the changes for this Agreement.


This concludes setting up recurring payments for Agreements in FieldEdge. Your Customer will receive their next Invoice, and be billed based on the saved card information, on the Next invoice date.

Save for autopay


When making a payment on your Agreement Invoice you have the option to select Save Payment for Later. This will save the payment as a token, used for recurring payments associated with service agreements and it can also be saved for use on invoices. FieldEdge does not store sensitive payment information, such as credit card or banking information.

This serves as an alternative method of capturing a payment method to use with recurring payments for Agreements and/or Invoices.

Send Invoice

FieldEdge will automatically provide an Invoice to the customer based on the Next Invoice date of the Timetable information. However, you may also manually send an Invoice to the customer by clicking the Send Invoice button on the line of the Billing Schedule you wish to issue.


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