How to provide consistent messaging on your Work Orders



Some tasks have notes that must be communicated to dispatchers or technicians. Task Notes auto-fills in the notes section anywhere that task is selected.

This feature can be useful for dispatchers or technicians who need to provide consistent messaging of specific steps to follow when completing a certain task.


The following examples provide the name of the Task and the notes that may be entered.

Task Name: Fireplace Cleaning Task Notes: Must turn off fireplace 2 hours before the visit.

Task Name: AC Not Cooling Task Notes: Be sure to replace battery. Check Thermostat Setting.

Task Name: No Hot Water Task Notes: Dispatcher - Have customer check breaker.

How To:

These steps will guide you to where Tasks are stored in FieldEdge, and how to enter information into the Task Notes field.

1. In FieldEdge, go to Settings and click on Tasks in the Work Order section.

2. Choose a Task from the list.

3. Navigate to the Task Notes field and enter the instruction specific to this task.

4. When finished, click Save.

This feature was added as part of the March 15, 2019 release.

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