How to create and manage a Work Order


Detailed Steps 

1. In FieldEdge, click on Customers.

2. From the Customers screen, use the Search field to look up the customer.

3. Click on the customer from the returned results.

4. Once the customer has been pulled up, select the Work Orders box.

5. From the list of Work Orders, click the Add button in the upper-right.

6. Next, select the work to perform from the Task field.

Optional: Designate a level of importance of the Work Order by selecting a Priority.

7. Click into the Lead Source field to choose which of your Lead Sources is responsible for the call today.

Optional: Call Notes vs Pinned Notes

  • Call Notes: should be used to add any information specific to this particular Work Order.
  • Pinned Note: carry between all Work Orders for a particular customer. Used to provide information specific to a Customer's Location, not just a Work Order.

8. When finished creating the Work Order click Schedule Now.

Optional: If you do not yet wish to schedule this Work Order, select the Book for later button. You'll then be presented a screen where you can pick a future date and time, suitable for the job. When done, click Book for later.


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