How to take a payment in the office with FieldEdge Payments


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When FieldEdge Payments is enabled, users can capture payments manually or automatically. The following guide will detail the credit card method of payment in FieldEdge.

Take a Credit Card Payment in the Office

While in FieldEdge, recall a Work Order with a due balance. This can be done through the Work Orders list or Invoices list.

1. From the Work Order screen, choose the Payments tab.


2. In the Payments tab, click into the Select a Method drop-down box and choose one of your Credit Card methods of pay.



3. With a method of pay selected, choose the Enter Manually link.


Note: Save for autopay, if selected, the information associated with this credit card will be stored as a token, and will become available when using recurring payments with Service Agreements. We do not keep the actual credit card information, so you do not need to worry about sensitive financial information being compromised.

  • (Optional) SREDKey card swiper: If you are using the SREDKey card swiper, the Enter Manually button will instead say Swipe Card. When selected, you will then be prompted to swipe the credit card. Swiping a credit card should fill out the Card Number and Expiration Date fields. The Security Code field must be disabled. If you have AVS (Address Verification System) enabled, then you will be able to also enter the customer's billing address. If you are not using the SREDKey card swiper, skip this step and proceed to step 4.

4. Upon selecting the Enter Manually link, you will then be provided fields to enter information related to the Credit Card.


Note: If using AVS or Save for autopay, you will also need to provide Billing Address information.


5. Once the Credit Card information has been provided, click the Pay Now button.


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