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A Call Lead Source is a way to report and filter on how a customer learned about your company.

For example, you may invest into marketing your business on Angie’s List. Creating an Angie’s List Lead Source will allow you to mark Work Orders that were generated from Angie’s List, along with how much revenue they’ve generated.

This type of information can give you the insight on which Lead Sources you may want to invest more or less in.

Once a Call Lead Source has been added and used in FieldEdge, you will be able to report on this from the Dashboard and FieldEdge reports.




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The following steps will help you find and configure your Call Lead Sources. If you are looking for a description of a feature in the Call Lead Source process, check the Fields section below.

1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the Work Orders section choose Call Lead Source.

2. Next, from the Call Lead Source list, decide if you wish to modify an existing source or add a new source.

  • To modify an existing Call Lead Source, search and select the priority from the list.
  • To add a new Call Lead Source, in the top right of the Call Lead Source list click the Add Lead Source button.

3. From the New Lead Source or Edit Lead Source screen, navigate through the different fields, creating or modifying your priority.

4. When you have finished creating or modifying your Call Lead Source, in the top right click Create (or Save, if you are modifying).


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Choose this option to upload a picture to represent this specific lead source.

Provide a way to identify the Lead Source, this will be visible in the office.

  • Note: The character limit for your Lead Source name is 60 characters.

This checkbox determines if the Lead Source will show up as a possible option when choosing a Lead Source. Marking this Active or not will not impact previously created entries in FieldEdge.

This field is used with Caller ID integration. This will allow you to designate a number customers can call for your lead source. This field should be discussed with your implementation’s specialist, prior to activating.

Use as Default Call-Out Number
When this option is selected, phone numbers in FieldEdge will be enabled with the ability to "click-to-call" a customer. Outbound phone calls will use the Default Call-Out Lead Source, so this phone number will appear in the recipient's Caller ID.

Get New Number
Selecting this button will navigate you to a screen where you will enter your Area Code or choose an 800 number. This number will represent the Call Lead Source. Customers will have the ability to call this number and FieldEdge will display the customer's incoming call when using FieldEdge Phone Integration.

  • Note: If you have already chosen a Call Lead Source number this option will instead say Release Number. Selecting Release Number will remove the number and allow you to choose an alternative number.

Use Existing Number
Use this option if you already have an existing number that you would like to associate to this Call Lead Source. This is only available when using FieldEdge Phone Integration, you will need to reach out to FieldEdge Support if you would like help with this feature or enabling this integration.

This button will allow you to leave this screen without saving any changes that may have been made.

Will update or create your Lead Source, making it available for use in FieldEdge.

Will update or create your Lead Source, making it available for use in FieldEdge.

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