How to create a Call Lead Source with a new phone number


Call Lead Sources help identify two major questions about your marketing. First, they help determine how a customer heard about your company. Second, they help determine a return on investment on a particular marketing source.

Looking for the basics on making a Call Lead Source? Click here.

Detailed Steps

1. In FieldEdge, click Settings. Then from the Settings menu, under the Work Order section, click on Call Lead Source.

2. To create a new Call Lead Source, click Add Lead Source in the upper right corner.

3. Next, click into the Name field to provide the Lead Source's name.

Optional Step: If you have an image saved on your computer, that you'd like to represent the New Lead Source, click the Add Image button.

4. To assign a new Phone Integration number, click Get New Number

5. Typing in an Area Code and clicking Get List will reveal Available Phone Numbers. Leave the Area Code field blank and place a checkmark in the 800 Number field to specify only a list of 800 numbers.

6. Click on a number in the Available Phone Numbers list. Once the number is locked into the Phone field, you're almost done. 

7. Click Create to save the New Lead Source.


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