How to quickly identify printed or emailed Work Orders


Keeping track of items sent to a customer can be a vital part of your company's daily operation. There may be times when you have to locate finalized work orders that haven't been emailed to customers yet or you have a specific customer that requires you to send a hard copy of their invoice because they don't have an email address. The Printed Work Order Reports helps quickly identify these items.

1. In FieldEdge, select Reports.


2. Select Work Order Reports from the Interactive Report section.


3. Select Printed Work Order Reports.


1. Search by Customer, Address, WO, PO: Here you can search by a customer, their address, a specific work order number, or a purchase order number.

2. Filters: Further narrow the results of your search by more specific criteria.

  • all: selecting this will broaden your search results to include all possibilities.
  • print/email narrow your search results to include work orders that have been printed and/or emailed.
  • status: selecting this will allow you to narrow by the work order's current status.
  • status date: this reflects the date the work order was placed into the current status.
  • all techs: this filter will allow you to specify a technician(s) that was relevant to the work order.
  • resolution: filter by the way the job was classified with it's resolution code.

3. Export: You may download the data of this report in a .CSV / Excel format.

4. Headers: This row provides identification for the columns and their respective details.

  • Customer: the customer associated with the work order.
  • WO#: the numerical classification of the work order. Selecting the work order number will provide the ability to print or email the selected item.
  • PO#: the numerical classification of the purchase order.
  • Task (Duration): this field lists the task and the associated duration.
  • Status: the current status code applied to the work order.
  • Status Date: the date the current work order's status was applied.
  • Tech: the technician associated to the work order.
  • Printed/Emailed: displays if the work order has been email and/or printed.
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