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  • Number of Videos in Session: 3
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 14:28

Items are the foundation of FieldEdge's Items, Quotes, Part Requests, and Expenses. The following training topics will help provide mastery over the concept of Items in FieldEdge.

Part 1: Creating Items

In this first video we will start, with the foundation of Items in FieldEdge, by creating Inventory and Non-Inventory Items. This base will allow us to later build upon these concepts into more advanced Inventory Item types.

  • Learn the difference between Inventory and Non-Inventory Items
  • How to view existing Inventory and Non-Inventory Items in your database.
  • See how Inventory and Non-Inventory Items are created

Part 2: Creating Assembly and Flat Rate Items

With Inventory and Non-Inventory Items explained, the next concept we'll focus on is the Assembly and Flat Rate Items.

  • The difference between an Assembly and Flat Rate Item
  • Common scenarios on why Assemblies and Flat Rate Items are used
  • How to create an Assembly and Flat Rate Item

Part 3: Creating Coupon and Discount Items

In our third session, we'll go over how to create Coupon and Discount items.

  • Show the difference between a Coupon vs a Discount item
  • When you should use a Coupon or Discount item
  • How to create a Coupon and Discount items


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