(Alert) Customer failed to post to QuickBooks 3100.


What is the error

Customer failed to post to QuickBooks
This customer already exists in QuickBooks. To fix this issue, change the name of the customer in QuickBooks. Then, use "Retry" to re-post this customer to QuickBooks. The QuickBooks error was: Call to QuickBooks failed with error 'The name "CUSTOMER NAME" of the list element is already in use. Error Code 3100' on CustomerAddRs (Retreiving ID)

What causes this error

This error happens when trying to post a customer to QuickBooks from FieldEdge, and a customer with that same display name already exists in QuickBooks.

How to fix this error

Use the below steps to correct this error. If you are using QuickBooks Online, proceed to step 5. 

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings and choose QuickBooks.

2. Next, select to Pause the QuickBooks connection.

3. Log into QuickBooks as an Admin user and switch to Single-User Mode.

4. In QuickBooks, find the customer that was listed in the error and change the display name, by adding a number to the name.

5. In FieldEdge click on the Alert bell and click "Retry" on the specified error.

  • Note: This will post the customer from FieldEdge into QuickBooks. You should now see both customers in QuickBooks. One with the display name that was in FieldEdge and the other that existed in QuickBooks with the additional number added to the name.

6. In QuickBooks, edit the name of the customer with the added number by removing the number and matching the display name of the customer sent from FieldEdge.

7. You will be prompted to merge the records in QuickBooks.

  • Note: This should leave you with a single customer and clear the error in FieldEdge. Repeat these steps for any additional 3100 errors you may have.

8. If you're using QuickBooks Desktop, return to FieldEdge and click Settings and choose QuickBooks.

9. Finally, select Resume Connection.

  • Note: Your FieldEdge has connected to QuickBooks and you can proceed with any further activities.
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