How to create a zero dollar invoice from mobile


There may be times that a technician needs to create an invoice for a work order where the customer is not actually being billed. This is done to keep track of costs, expenses, and to send a description of work to the customer.

Use the instructions below to create a zero dollar invoice on a work order.



You will need to have a zero dollar item created for this scenario. For example, an item called “Work Performed” or "Description" that can be added to an invoice.

1. Open the desired work order from the FieldEdge mobile application.

2. Make sure the Status of the work order is set to Working. If it is not, click the Status image and then choose Working.

3. Navigate to the Items page by swiping the screen.

4. Click the Add button in the top right corner.

5. Select your zero dollar, or description, Item by navigating to it using the search box or Categories.

6. Check the box in the top right hand corner of the Item, to add it to your invoice. Or, tap the Item and choose Add Item.

7. Once added to the invoice, tap the Item. Then, click on the Description field to enter the details of work performed, or next steps. This description can be seen by your customer by default.

8. Next, verify the Price is set to $0 and click Save.

Your invoice has now been created. When the work order is completed from mobile, by default the customer will receive a copy of your zero dollar invoice with the work description. Repeat these steps for any additional zero dollar invoices you may need to create.

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