How to create a Parts Request from FieldEdge mobile


Part Requests allow FieldEdge to integrate with QuickBooks Purchase Orders.
A request can be created by a FieldEdge mobile user or a FieldEdge office user.
To learn how to create a Parts Request from the office, click here.
To learn how to retrieve and manage a Parts Request from the FieldEdge mobile application, click here.

Detailed Steps

1. First, tap into a Work Order on the Mobile FieldEdge application.

2. Next, swipe from the Work Order Details screen to the Parts Request screen.

3. From the Parts Request screen, tap on Add Parts Request.

4. Tap into the Request Notes field and provide a brief explanation or context for the Parts Request.

5. Then, tap Add and begin adding Inventory Items that should be requested.

Optional: Non-Inventory Items do not come into play in a Parts Request. If you wish to order an Item that is not showing in the FieldEdge mobile application, simply add a generic inventory part item and provide a description of what needs to be ordered through the request notes. The office can later determine and add the correct part.

6. When finished creating the request, tap on Save Request.

7. After the request has been saved, you'll be back on the Parts Request screen and will now see the request you just created. You can now upload this to the office by tapping Upload Now.

Optional: Tapping Upload Now more than once or susequent times will not duplicate an existing Parts Request, it will only push over new information.

8. This concludes the creation of the Parts Request from the mobile, at this point a technician will generally finish any work they have left and then place the Work Order in a Pending Status.

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