How to enable signature capture on Custom Forms


Customer, insurance, or legal requirements may at times demand an employee or customer signature when inspecting a piece of equipment or completing a task questionnaire. FieldEdge now supports the ability to include or require a customer signature and / or an employee signature on each Custom Form for a Work Order. Technicians and customers can explicitly sign off on each piece of equipment inspected, in addition to the normal signature to authorize or accept the overall work as a whole. 

Once enabled, custom forms in FieldEdge will have the ability to capture signatures.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings and then select Custom Forms.



2. Search for and select the form you wish to enable signature capture.



3. Scroll down to Signatures Settings.


Technician Signature: Enabling this setting will provide a unique box for a technician to capture their signature.

Customer Signature: Enabling this setting will provide a unique box for a customer to capture their signature.

None: If selected, will disable the ability of signature capture for Technician or Customer signatures.

Allow: If selected, will enabled a signature box for Technician or Customer.

Required: If selected, will enable and prevent completing the form without capturing a signature.



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