What card readers does FieldEdge Payments support?


FieldEdge Payment Processing allows a FieldEdge user to capture payments directly into FieldEdge. One of these methods of capture includes the ability to swipe a Credit Card, avoiding the need to manually enter important financial information.

Before we can start capturing these payments, users must first have a compatible card reader.

How can I obtain a card reader?

Currently, FieldEdge Payments supports the VP 3300 BlueTooth and Shuttle card readers products.

FieldEdge does not provide this hardware. Card readers must be purchased directly through Clearent. To purchase a compatible card reader, contact Clearent sales or support.

  • FieldEdge does not provide this hardware and it must be purchased directly through Clearent. Card readers obtained by other third-party vendors will not work in FieldEdge.
  • Clearent Sales and Hardware Questions:

Troubleshooting Tips

Card readers and their adapters should be plug and play, and therefore should not present any issue. However, should these devices not work right away, we encourage you to reach out to FieldEdge support. When troubleshooting, please make sure the following information is available.

  • Manufacturer of Device (ex: Samsung, Apple, HTC)
  • Model (ex: iPhone 8, Pixel 2)
  • Carrier (ex: Sprint, Verizon, AT&T)
  • OS Version: (ex: iOS 12.0)
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