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The following walkthrough will explain how to add a sub-customer to an existing customer in FieldEdge. This is typically used for customers with additional locations, or for commercial companies with multiple service locations.



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Use the steps below to create and add a sub-customer to an existing customer. 

1. From the left side menu in FieldEdge, click Customers.

2. Next, click Add Customer.

3. Fill out the Customer Information with the service location information.

4. From the Is a Sub-Customer of drop-down, search and select the overall customer that this location will be a sub-customer under.

5. Next, click the Bill to drop-down and select if this sub-customer should have all billing sent to the Parent location, or to This Customer.

  • NoteIf you chose This Customer as the Bill To, all billing will inherit the sub-customers information as the billing info.

6. Verify the Billing Information and make changes if applicable.

  • Note: If you chose Parent as the Bill To, the billing information would inherit the overall Parent customer.

7. Now, enter the remaining sub-customer information and click Save.

Your sub-customer will now be updated in FieldEdge and visible in the customer list. Repeat these steps for any additional sub-customers you may need to create.

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