(Alert) Call to QuickBooks failed with error... Error Code 3140...



Call to QuickBooks failed with error 'There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item "80000004-1179498859" in the Invoice line. QuickBooks error message: You cannot use the same tax item in both the line items and the txn tax. Error Code 3140' on InvoiceAddRs


This error usually happens by mistake, clients are exploring the system and they make a change, unaware of the effect it will have.


In FieldEdge head to Settings and select Tax Codes. Change the Tax Code from Use Tax to Sales Tax.

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  • Under Settings, there isn't a "Tax Codes" link. There is a "Tax Groups" link, but not "Tax Codes". I did check other Settings to see if the "Tax Codes" link was in another section, but I was not able to find it.

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