How to assign or change a Category to multiple Items at once


Assigning a Category to an Item can help users quickly identify the parts they need. This can help when creating Reports, Work Orders, Invoices, Quotes, and Part Requests.

The following procedure can be used to assign, modify, or remove a category from a group of Items.

1. In FieldEdge, select the Items list.


2. Using the search box, look for the Items you wish to assign to a Category.


3. Once you have found the Items, select the check box to the left of the Item.

Save Time! If you have multiple Items that require a Category, select the first Item's check box. Then press Tab key + Space Bar on your keyboard, to quickly mark sequential Items for editing.


4. After the Items have been selected, click the Edit button to the right of the search box.


5. On the Edit Items screen, choose the Change Category radial button.


6. Then, click the Select Category drop down field and search and select the appropriate Category.


7. Lastly, to confirm the Category change, click the Save button.


Once finished, your Items will now have their updated Category. Repeat this process for any other Items that require a Category.

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