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It’s common for companies to offer Agreements for maintenance services or to provide loyalty discounts to their Customers. This enables options, such as paying over time for maintenance services or receiving a discount when utilizing your company. Agreements provide additional value to customers while encouraging their repeated business.

FieldEdge can help manage Agreement Tasks by automatically discounting specific Items for Agreement customers, sending billing or service reminders, and deactivating Agreements no longer being billed.



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The following steps will help you find your Agreement Setup. If you are looking for a description of a particular feature or option, please refer to the Fields section of this guide.

1. First, in FieldEdge, click on Settings and from the Customers section choose Agreements.

2. Next, navigate through each field, customizing the Agreement Setup to your desire.

3. When you are satisfied with the configuration, at the bottom of the Agreement Setup screen, click Save.


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The pricing section will allow you to change the default actions of an Agreement's discounting, pricing, and information that will be displayed on the mobile application.


Discount %
This section allows you to input a default discount percentage for Agreement customers. If you offer multiple discount variations, you will set those on a per Agreement Plan basis.

For example, you may have a default Agreement that provides a 10% discount while a commercial Agreement plan may not receive a discount.

  • Note: When you create or edit an Item from the Items list, on the web, you will be able to specify which of your Items can be automatically discounted by your Agreements.

Next Counter
This is a required internal field that allows you to choose the starting Agreement number that will be used when creating Agreements. This number can be changed but know that an Agreement number cannot be used more than once.

Allow Agreement Invoice Price Override
If selected, this checkbox will allow your office employees the ability to override your standard Agreement Price when creating an Agreement. This is useful for providing custom Agreement pricing, which be common in commercial scenarios.

Show Agreement Savings
If selected, this checkbox will show how much money a customer saved, or could have saved, when looking at a price book from the mobile application. This additional method of reinforcement can help encourage a customer to purchase an Agreement where otherwise they may have declined.

Note: If you wish for this to show on the customers invoice form, you will need to add the Agreement Savings field in Layout Templates.


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If a check is placed in this box, additional functionality will be enabled when scheduling your Agreements. First, you will be able to specify a technician for an Agreement visit, which will then automatically create and schedule to the specified technician. Additionally, if enabled, you will then be able to choose how far in advance to create and schedule the Agreement Work Order.

This would be used, for example, if you have a technician who only performs a salt service or commercial maintenance that does not require a manager's signature.


  • Note: If enabled, in order to schedule a Technician for a visit, you need to make sure that when you are in an Agreement that the Appt. Confirm box is unchecked.


Allow user to select a technician and time when creating a maintenance schedule
If selected this will allow you, when working with the Maintenance Schedule in an Agreement, to choose a technician for the Agreement visit.

Agreements should be Posted _ Days in Advance
This determines how far in advance the Agreement Work Order will be scheduled.

Weekend Notifications

Allow Agreement Reminders on Weekends
By selecting this box you will allow Agreement notifications to be sent to your customers on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Note: You must have communication templates configured for these notifications to be sent.


Agreement Deactivation

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Use this section to specify if you want FieldEdge to Automatically Deactivate Agreements or if you prefer to Manually Deactivate Agreements. We recommend having FieldEdge Automatically Deactivate Agreements since this will save your office staff time while also ensuring that you are not providing discounts to customers who should no longer be covered by the benefits of their Agreement.


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