How to create a zero dollar invoice from the office


There may be times that an Office employee needs to create an invoice for a work order where the customer is not actually being billed. This is done to keep track of costs, expenses, and to send a description of work to the customer.

Use the instructions below to create a zero dollar invoice on a work order.



You will need to have a zero dollar item created for this scenario. For example, an item called “Work Performed” or "Description" that can be added to an invoice.

1. Click on the Work Orders list from the menu on the left.

2. In the search box enter the information to search and click on the desired customers work order. You can search by Name, PO #, and WO #.

3. Now, click on the Invoice tab of the work order.

4. Enter a Class from the drop-down box. This is used for department tracking of your income and costs.

  • Note: These classes are created in QuickBooks and sync back to FieldEdge. This is not a required field but is highly recommended for financial reporting.

5. Choose the zero dollar or description Item to add to the Invoice body, by selecting it from the Item drop-down box. For example, the Work Performed item as described in this article.

6. Enter a Description of the work performed or next steps. This description can be seen by your customer by default.

7. Verify the Rate and Amount of your item is $0.

8. Select a piece of Equipment from the drop-down box, if the work performed is associated to that piece of Equipment.

9. Click Save and a new window will populate. Choose Status Unchanged and click Confirm to create your invoice.

Your invoice should now be created in FieldEdge. Repeat these steps for any additional zero dollar invoices you may need to create.

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