CSR: Agreement Training



  • Number of Videos in Session: 4
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 12:00

Selling Service Agreements will primarily happen in the field. This section of Agreement Training will present these scenarios to you, building in complexity.

Part 1: Configuring Agreement Schedules

In this tutorial, we'll review the configuration process of setting up the schedule of a Customer's Agreement.

  • Set up the Maintenance Schedule
  • Set up the Billing Schedule 

Part 2: Scheduling Agreements

Once an Agreement schedule has been configured, the next part will be the scheduling of maintenance visits and billing information. This tutorial will dive into how a customer will manage the scheduling aspect of their Agreement.

  • How to Identify Next Maintenance and Payment Dates
  • How to Schedule a Maintenance Visit of an Agreement
  • How to Modify a Maintenance Schedule of an Agreement

Part 3: Billing Agreements

With the Agreement set up for our Customer, and the schedule of service and billing determined, the next step is to review the billing component of our contract. This video will review billing from the office and billing from the field

  • How to Begin a Customer's Billing Process
  • How Billing works from the Office or the Field
  • How to Pay a Customer's Agreement Visit
  • How Automated Payment's Impact Agreements

Part 4: Reporting on Agreements

In the last part of our Agreements, we will learn how to report on these Agreements to understand general and important information associated with your contracts.

  • How to Use the Agreements List
  • Find Key Reports Central to Agreements
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