Getting Started: Work Order Profitability

Office users can track revenue on Invoices and Quotes, compare Salesperson performance across multiple Work Orders, and quickly identify highest and lowest margin work. Learn how.

To start tracking profitability, we must do a quick, one-time configuration.

1. Click on Settings and select Global Settings.


2. Scroll down to Accounting Settings and enter a Default Hourly Labor Cost.


Note: If Default Hourly Labor Cost is set, the rate will appear if a Technician has a Labor Cost of zero. On a Quote, this will become the default Labor Cost of Non-Inventory Items with a Type of Labor and Cost of zero.

3. Scroll down to Profitability.

4. Select Time Entries or Item Cost Only under the Calculate Default Work Order Profitability Labor Cost Based on field.


Time Entries: Labor Cost is based on how long your technicians actually worked.

Item Cost Only: Perfect for companies paying on Flat Rates. Ignores Time Entries and uses time shown on the Invoice instead.

5. Set Add Expense as Non-Billable Invoice Item Checkbox: Check this box if you allow your technicians to record expenses in the field. Select a Non-Inventory Item to track the costs associated with the expense.


Work Order Profitability will be visible on existing Invoices and Quotes.

1. Bring up an existing Invoice in your FieldEdge database.


2. When an Item is present on an Invoice, the middle of your window will display a profitability box.

3. The box will display your Estimated Profit, Estimated Margin, and the option to Click for Details.


4. To view a more detailed breakdown of the Invoices profitability, select Click for Details.

Profitability is a calculation based on Amount minus Material Costs and Labor Costs. FieldEdge is able to provide an estimation of your profit. To see true Cost, refer to your accounting package. Profitability windows are divided into four parts.

Estimated or Anticipated equation

Summarizes the data below to show profitability and margin. Use the recalculate button, if changes were made below, to instantly see updated metrics.


Material Costs/Other Costs details

Provides Cost and Income for all Material and Other Items on the Invoice.


Labor Costs details

Shows Cost Time Entries and Labor Cost Items on the Invoice.


For Reference Only details

Section to be used for troubleshooting profitability on the Invoice.


Tracking your profitability is done through two reports.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Reports, look to the Interactive Reports and click on Work Order Reports.


2. Select Invoice Estimated Profitability or Quote Anticipated Profitability.


3. The following report displays your profit compared to your cost.


4. The lower portion of the report displays your Invoices or Quotes, providing a breakdown of the graph above.


5. In the top right of the window you have the ability to export the reports data.


6. Also in the upper right section of the report are filters, allowing you to further drill into your profits.

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