How do I flag a customer as "Do Not Service" (DNS)?


For one reason or another, you may wish to flag a particular customer so that services are not rendered. You will now see, a check box when creating or editing a Customer for “Do Not Service.” You may enable this setting, as well as another setting which will allow you to override the “Do Not Service” flag, per user in the Employee Settings.

The following steps may be done to configure a User's ability to work with Do Not Service flags.

1) In FieldEdge, click on Settings and choose Employees in the People section.


2) Search for and select an Employee from the list.


3) Navigate to the Accessibility section and choose the User tab.


4) In the Web portion of the User settings, select the appropriate checkbox.


Ability to Mark a customer as "Do Not Service," if a check mark is placed in this box, will grant a user the ability to mark customers as "Do Not Service."

Allow Override of "Do Not Service," when selected, will enable a user the ability to create Work Orders for customers that have been marked as "Do Not Service."

5) To save the changes made to this employee, choose the Update button.


Repeat this procedure for any employee that requires the ability to use or override "Do Not Service."

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